Teal is a turn based multiplayer strategy game with simultaneous turns; think chess with guns, that have mind bending trajectories. Games are played on a variety of maps, each with a different focus. Adapting your team composition and anticipating the opponent's next move is the key to victory.


Both players have 2 to 4 units that can be moved on a grid. The weapon aiming is completely free form. Each unit can move and shoot in any order. The game is over once a player has lost all their units.

Map Objectives

Teal features 3 distinct map objectives that can drastically change the flow of a match. They are active as long as a unit is standing in their respective controller. They are very powerful but the player has to put a unit in a potentially dangerous position to keep them active.


Shield tiles block all projectiles from the enemy team, but your own projectiles can fly through. It is dangerous to stand within the shields since they discharge a lot of energy when blocking a projectile. This damages any unit within the shield. Shields can be circumvented with grenades and molotovs since they are too large to disintegrate.


The turrets fire a high powered laser that can pierce multiple units. The unit holding the controller can aim the turrets. Lasers have no charge time and fire instantly.
Shields and walls cannot be penetrated by the lasers since they are too thick.

Upgrade Tiles

Upgrade tiles require a lot of energy to activate. Destroying a unit releases the pent up energy in their batteries, powering all available upgrade tiles. A unit that steps on an active upgrade tile is fully healed and receives additional power armor, which grants 4 additional HP and the unit can move 2 tiles further per turn. An upgrade tile can only be used once and becomes inactive for the remainder of the match afterwards.


Each unit can hold 2 different weapons. All weapons are energy-based, therefore removing the need for conventional ammunition. The units produce enough power to allow for indefinite use. It also allows for the projectiles to not harm units of the same team, the exception being explosives.


A high powered rifle that fires a single fast projectile in a straight line. It requires precise aiming but is the most straightforward weapon.


The pistol fires a high-tech smart projectile that can change its trajectory mid flight. The projectile follows a pre-programmed zig-zag path. This allows the projectile to weave through complex obstacle layouts. The downside is that the guidance system is rather heavy and slows down the projectile.

Gatling Gun

The gatling gun is a heavy duty weapon which requires time to set up properly. Therefore the unit can not move before or after firing. It fires four fast moving projectiles in a semi circle. This weapon has the highest damage output and provides cover fire for a large zone in front of the unit.


The prime assault option with good damage output and mobility. It fires three pellets in a tight cone. The cone is adjusted so the unit can hit its target with all three pellets and then go in for a melee finish.

Shrapnel Gun

This weapons fires a very heavy fragmentation projectile that fractures into deadly shrapnel upon impact. The primary round is very slow and requires a heavy impact to fracture and release the very fast moving shrapnel. It will not fracture when hitting a unit since the impact surface is not hard enough.


A timed explosive that can be thrown over obstacles. It is useful in flushing out the opponent’s units from a defensive position. The grenade’s timer starts as soon as it lands. The explosion will damage all units within its radius that are not hidden behind a wall.


A molotov will engulf all tiles within its radius in deadly flames. Any unit moving through a burning tile will take damage. Standing within the fire when a merge phase starts will also result in damage being taken.


The revolver fires a fast projectile that can ricochet of walls twice.