About Teal

Teal is a turn based multiplayer strategy game with simultaneous turns; think chess with guns, that have mind bending trajectories. Games are played on a variety of maps, each with a different focus. Adapting your team composition and anticipating the opponent's next move is the key to victory.
Two players compete against one another and take their turns at the same time. The turns are then merged once both have finished their turn. Then all units execute their moves at the same time. This means that you have to predict the opponent's next move to be able to hit their units and avoid their projectiles.
Teal features 5 maps, 8 weapons and 3 map objectives that can be utilized to gain an advantage. Each game is also saved as a replay that can be re-watched to analyze your strategy.
Teal offers online and local multiplayer with a Hot-Seat Mode.

About Us

We are a small student team at the Univeristy of applied sciences Technikum Wien. We developed Teal during for our Master Degrees in Game Engineering.

Josua Kucher

Art, Programming

Martin Kernjak

Programming, Art

Michael Knett


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